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Elite Electrical Services Ltd is a Hertfordshire based company who specialise in all types of electrical installation. We have traded as such for more than two decades and have been a registered company since 1987. Our past projects have included work within many industries including amongst others construction, telecommunications and the rail/underground network. After the company was founded it quickly became a leading supplier to the construction industry and this is where our reputation was developed, as an exponent of quality workmanship with the highest of standards. We quickly understood the need for adapting to change and have been a long standing advocate of consultation and communication at all levels to ensure that the designed project meets the requirements not only of the customer or client but also those of the relevant industry standards. The company was enrolled within the NICEIC trade body during its infancy and has held accreditation since the early 90’s. We have ensured that the demanding standards that the NICEIC place upon its registered contractors are the foundation for our electrical installation work. We are also registered on the Domestic Installer Scheme (Part P).

The company now employs around 40 staff and has offices supporting the North and South of England. We are able to provide nationwide coverage of our services which has been extremely beneficial to many customers who can then have projects tailored to their needs from a known, reputable company, with the same standards of care that they have come to expect. All operatives within the company are highly trained and experienced and we encourage further education and training of our employees so that they can continue to develop, along with Elite Electrical Services Ltd. This culture has resulted in many of the operatives and staff being of long-standing employ and the experience that these people possess in the industry is ensuring that the company continues to grow and expand, but with continuity of the original principles, aims and objectives. Our training is monitored and reviewed and operatives are selected for tasks that are appropriate to their skills and qualifications. Our operatives will be able to produce CSCS cards upon arrival at site and will have had suitable training and instruction to allow them to carry out their tasks both efficiently AND safely. To help protect the Health and Safety of its employees Elite Electrical Services Ltd has recently appointed a NEBOSH qualified safety advisor. This directly employed and office based knowledge, rather than consultancy based advice, shows that the company is committed to promoting a positive culture of health and safety within its organization. All operatives are given regular training and advice to help to minimise the risk that they face in the workplace. The company has had no reportable accidents for a substantial number of years and our aim is to continue this level of safety into the future.

Site visits and audits of our installation work are carried out by senior supervisors, whilst system and documentation checks are carried out by senior staff within the offices. These checks help us to maintain a standard that sets us apart from the competition. Close monitoring and review can help establish possible weak links or growing trends and also ensures that the client is provided with a satisfactory level of service. They have also helped us to secure ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 14001:2004 accreditation.

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